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Shannon Hutcheson

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Shannon Hutcheson grew up in a working-class Texas family — her father worked for the post office, her uncle built cars for General Motors, and her grandfather sewed mattresses for Simmons Mattress. After her parents divorced, her mother pursued her education and ultimately became a public school teacher.

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Shannon On The Issues

Economic Opportunity for Working Families

My dad was a postal worker and my mom was a public school teacher. Growing up the oldest of 6 […]

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Health Care that Works for All

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when I was 18 years old – a disease he battled for […]

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Respect for Women and their Choices

Almost a decade ago, I started a woman-owned law firm, which allowed me to work on causes that are important […]

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Address the Climate Crisis and Flood Control

Over a trillion gallons of water fell on Harris County during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and historic flooding devastated Central […]

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Standing up for Children

I understand firsthand the importance of a social safety net for children. As a child, there were times that my free […]

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