Address the Climate Crisis and Flood Control

Over a trillion gallons of water fell on Harris County during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and historic flooding devastated Central Texas in 2018. Texans know hurricanes and flooding happen. We also understand the basics of science, that as global temperatures rise, more moisture is trapped in the atmosphere making storms, including hurricanes, more intense and destructive.

There is no denying the mounting scientific evidence that climate change is a threat to public health, to the economy, and to national security. We cannot ignore it any longer. We have a moral obligation to act for our children and grandchildren.

We have to take thoughtful, innovative and, yes, bold steps to slow down the impacts of climate change so that our kids aren’t stuck in an irreversible position 10 years down the road.

Yet all Congressman Mike McCaul has offered is lip service to the growing realities of climate change while his Washington colleagues have played reckless politics with disaster relief funding.

This is the perfect opportunity for Texas to lead – just as we have always done – on developing new, clean energy sources. Right now, Texas is the #1 producer of wind energy in the nation, and we are the only state with its own electrical grid. In fact, the development of renewable and clean energy is one of the fastest growing segments in our economy. This energy development has generated and will continue to generate huge economic benefits to our state, including job creation, capital investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, and increasing the tax base of rural communities.

In Congress, I’ll help lead a growing coalition of voices who understand the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for swift, dramatic action. And, I will focus on the investments in much needed flood control infrastructure projects.

Here’s where I’ll start:

  • Increase EPA Oversight: Push for strong congressional oversight of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).
  • Advance pro-climate policies: Promote climate change goals including: the elimination of barriers to growth for pro-climate businesses; market-based mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas pollution; incentives for energy innovation and new technologies that address climate change; policies that advance energy efficiency and eliminate energy waste; and advocacy for Texas to lead on renewable energy.
  • Invest in flood control: Advocate for and facilitate federal, state, and local cooperation to advance flood control infrastructure projects.