Economic Opportunity for Working Families

My dad was a postal worker and my mom was a public school teacher. Growing up the oldest of 6 kids, I remember all too well the times we had to lean on extended family when the bills outpaced the paychecks.

Education was my path to a better life, but my husband and I began our working lives under a mountain of student loan debt. And, today more than ever, it seems the economy is working for those on top while working families are losing ground.

Eight term incumbent Congressman Mike McCaul isn’t fighting for working families like the one I grew up in. Instead, McCaul caters to the special interests in Washington who have funded his campaign coffers. For example, he voted for a massive corporate tax cut, including a $50 billion windfall for the big drug companies, while doing nothing to address the real issues that are leaving working families behind, including things like the cost of education and childcare.

That’s why I took a pledge to not accept corporate PAC money in my campaign. And,in Congress, I’ll fight to grow an economy that honors work and lifts up the dreams of all Americans.

Here’s where I’ll start: 

  • Stand up for the dignity of work: I unequivocally support workers’ rights to collectively bargain, federal prevailing wage laws such as Davis-Bacon, expanding the number of workers entitled to overtime compensation, and a $15 minimum wage. 
  • Invest in infrastructure and education: Texas leads the nation in population growth while its infrastructure is crumbling. I’ll prioritize investing in flood control, water quality, and necessary infrastructure improvements. I will also work to ensure our schools offer high-quality, up-to-date vocational training and re-training to ensure workers are prepared to compete for high-paying jobs in the energy corridor and in science and technology.
  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurs: Small businesses and entrepreneurs are at the heart of the Texas economy. We need to level the playing field and help those who want to start businesses, hire workers, and compete in our modern economy.
  • Tackle soaring student loan debt: We owe our children better. Every child in Texas deserves the opportunity to get an education without crippling debt. Our children shouldn’t start their working lives on the brink of financial ruin.
  • Guarantee equal pay, affordable childcare, and establish federal paid family leave: We are making it too hard right now for working parents to take care of themselves and their children while being good employees. We can do better. 
  • Protect Social Security & Medicare: We owe it to our seniors to protect their Medicare and Social Security. I would fight against attempts by Republicans in Congress to put these earned benefits on the chopping block.
  • Empower state and local communities to expand affordable housing: Housing costs have exploded in this district, especially in Travis and Harris counties, forcing families to endure longer commutes and sacrifice savings for college and retirement. We must work alongside state and local governments to expand affordable housing.