Respect for Women and their Choices

Almost a decade ago, I started a woman-owned law firm, which allowed me to work on causes that are important to me and our community, including reproductive justice and access to high-quality healthcare, rooting out violence in our communities, and advocating for survivors of abuse. 

For almost a decade, I’ve had the privilege of representing Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas as a lawyer, fighting to ensure access to healthcare for all Texans. As a young girl caring for my 5 younger siblings, I realized early on that family planning was key to getting an education and building a better life. And, as a young woman, Planned Parenthood was there for me when I had no insurance and no other healthcare options. I understand firsthand the critical role that Planned Parenthood plays in providing trusted, preventive healthcare to thousands of Texans, just like me. 

For years, I have also been dedicated to helping end the cycle of violence and advocating for survivors as a long-time volunteer and member of the board of directors for the Austin Children’s Shelter and The SAFE Alliance.

Today, even as a record number of women serve in Congress, the Trump Administration has targeted Planned Parenthood and women’s autonomy, banning family planning funding to any clinic that even advises pregnant women that abortion is an option available to them. Politicians must stop interfering with the ability of healthcare providers to counsel their patients, and patients’ ability to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves.

Mike McCaul has turned his back on Texas women, with a voting record that has earned him a 0 rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Women in this district deserve a representative who will fight for them. If elected as the first woman ever to represent this district in Congress, I will do that every single day.

I will stand with pro-choice women and fight for full gender equality because access to healthcare is not up for negotiation. Women, in consultation with our doctors, must be empowered to make decisions for our bodies and our futures. And, politicians must stop practicing medicine.

Here’s where I’ll start:

  • Protect and strengthen Title X: our nation’s affordable birth control and reproductive health care program which serves millions of women, has prevented countless unwanted pregnancies, and has saved taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • Stand up for access to birth control and safe, legal abortion: no matter where you live.
  • End the political targeting of Planned Parenthood: and ensure women can seek health care from the providers of their choice.